Company Profile

Foodad’s is a growing food additives and food processing company. Foodad’s functions as the parent brand and aims to have various sub-brands under its umbrella .The company is widely known for its premium cake improver in the brand name “CRANE” and cold glaze gel in the brand name “PARROGEL”. The company is also the largest manufacturer in bakery ingredients such as custard powder, baking powder and vanilla powder. The Head quarter is located in Chennai,Tamil Nadu, India.

The company aims to provide high quality products to its customers all around the global market. It aims to achieve strong, sustainable leadership positions in markets that offer potential for profitable growth, deliver quality products and services. An ISO 22000:2005 certified company It is a family-owned and operated business. The company is developed by experienced personnel from various industries like food science ,pharmaceutical, R&D ,management, logistics and marketing - with their experience and knowledge, Foodad’s has entered into domestic and export market successfully. We have joined hands together to bring the company into a different dimension in developing various food processing and food additive products with high quality to reach customers globally.

Our Vision

The company’s vision is to innovative more high quality food product to the market to satisfy our customer’s needs.

Our Policy

• When we work together, we realize there is nothing we can’t do. We set higher standards for our company which keeps us strong and always striving to do better.
• We aim to listen and understand, stay flexible and open minded, and work together to discover solutions.
• Our company is constantly working in setting higher standards to set the bar high with industry-leading quality and manufacturing standards.
• The company has a well equipped laboratory were sample from each batch are being tested. Each selected ingredient undergoes our thorough review and testing process before ever making it into an finished products.
• Innovation is the focus of everyone who works in our company.

Safety Policy

• Provide hygiene products with effective Food Safety Management System
• Implementing Quality Inputs and process control, efficient communication and cost effectiveness.
• Continual improvement through the In-house, customer feedback , technical support and technology.
• Compliance of statutory and regulatory reauirments and also with reference to national and international standards.
• Skill development of employees through training.